At the beginning of this century, there was a young designer called Ramer from the Bavaria. He respected liberty and sought to the perfect. In fact, he was a person who loves the sport much more than his life. But there was no watch can satisfy his occupation needs. With a strong dream ,he began to design sports watches which can show extremity and transcend at the same time. After a few years he carried out his dream and designed his own watches named V-YEAH. V-YEAH was bore at that time, it means head toward the victory. 

     After that, he established a company called V-YEAH in Germany. It was famous for its style and quality all over the world.

    V-YEAH states the young mans dream. PASNEW is company in china which produces sports watched too. In order to promote the market, PASNEW imported the technology of V-YEAH and its brand in 2000.From then on, V-YEAH and PASNEW lived in china together.   

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